Restless as always

The things that surround me and make me restless enough to write about

About me June 20, 2007

Writing is just an outlet, I find comfort in sharing the dull and mundane aspects of my life. My world is utterly eventless at times, but still the opinions, thoughts, insights here, comprise me.

I am cynical, a pessimist and an introvert. Yet, at times I am vivacious and fun-loving, friendly and cheerful. I indulge myself in small things that make me happy, because happiness is a fleeting illusion. I hold on to it, when I find it, but it wanders away invariably. Yet, that is life. Pain is something, which makes you stronger.

 A big sport enthusiast, support liverpool FC and a fan of Formula1 and tennis. Books are a necessity to survive and music the reason why I live.

And this is my humble rant-house, where I choose to preserve my thoughts.

Welcome aboard.


9 Responses to “About me”

  1. unknown Says:

    You write really well,

  2. james Says:

    i am amazed by your introduction abt urself…….anyway wat do u do?

  3. Admirer Says:

    U r genuine.I love u, or lemme say ur thoughts

  4. Isha Says:

    You write well, but you are so is difficult to get a proper picture of what kind of person you would be…some conflicting statements there

  5. Neena Says:

    Well, I believe that it is never quite easy to determine a person, even when you have been in close contact with him/her. And this is internet. 🙂

    I do fully agree that I sometimes involve myself in ambiguity. I write without thinking, I guess that’s why

  6. Dipen Says:

    Even though your blog says Restless, The mode in which you present or rant as u prefer is serene 😉

    Hope I am able to write as well as you do some day.

  7. indrani Says:

    I am C’s sister and I loved your description of her.

  8. Iconoplastic Says:

    Hey there,

    Thanks for visiting and commenting.


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