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A Merry Song December 1, 2009

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I was going  with a mind today to congratulate everyone on this wonderful Q2 7.9% growth in India which we have achieved, beyond all odds, breaking the shackles of the strongest of chains and running free into the green meadows, with yellow daisies all around and blue butterflies flying everywhere with chirping sparrows. It is almost Spring again in this beckoning Winter. Even though you may find prices of your daily breakfast doubling by 3 folds, who cares? It is the economy, silly! And we are all part of it!

But somehow in my mundane life of particularly no significant events that might change the course of the Mayan Calendar, and those grey skies and soundproof rooms with venetian blinds that comes between me and the full bloom of nature and and my constant deliberations with myself to find reasons for my miserable existence, I forgot to celebrate this joyous occasion. Join me, my loyal readers to sing this merry song.

Hey hey ho ho. We finally made it through

Take a look at the growth rate we got,

Which we shall share with you not.

But lets dance and sing and do a wonderful thing

To rejoice at the blings which the FIIs bring

Hey hey ho ho. We finally made it through

Everyone is happy and everyone is smiling,

When we  can see the Sensex is climbing,

The Finance Minister can’t hide smiles,

Coz the growth in Q2 has increased by miles.

Hey hey ho ho. We finally made it through

Dark days of sub-prime has told us buh-byes

We shall now go and reach some new highs

Christmas has come early And we have extended our Diwali

Lets hope this year shall end up perfectly!

Hey hey ho ho We finally made it through

If you are China, let me say, we are right behind you.

If you are America, let me say, debt doesn’t suit you.

We went ahead and put our head

And we just got the 7.9% growth rate.

Hey hey ho ho we finally made it through!

Hey hey ho ho ho ho ho

na na na na na na na

Dum di dum dum dum da.

(Okay thats enough, I shall stop now. :|)