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The great collection of famous Mithun Chakraborty Dialogues February 7, 2008

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 Two posts in quick succession, but I can hardly be  blamed. Actually this post had always been in the making, but because of the absence of vital data, it never got materialized. But now, after a lot of hard work I have finally got this.

The collection has to be credited to C. C is the extremely pretty dame, who is  always found to be increasing her lipstick collection, carrying an umbrella when there is no sun and poking other people with that in a crowded central Calcutta road, trying to find out whether fat-free popcorn is available, confusing people in a coffee shop by asking which sandwich has mayonnaise and which doesn’t, gorging on fat-free ice-creams and then founding out to her horror that it may not be fat-free, religiously jogging without taking breaks and then eating biryani, chocolate mousse, walnut brownie with chocolate sauce etc. Of course why she needs to diet is another important question which we all are yet to find out.

When she does however, successfully, manage to formulate an effective fitness regime, she gets into extremely high spirits. When she does get into high spirits, she likes to entertain us with her dose of observations usually hidden from our naked eye. One of the priceless things are her collection of Mithun Chakraborty dialogues  from recent Bengali films, which for some reason I can never watch on my television. Following is the complete list of unforgettable gems.

  1. Public-er  maar Keyaratola paar.

This does not need translation. Although, this led to an extremely pertinent conversation..

Me: What is Keyaratola and why will public’s maar get you to Keyaratola ke paar?

C: You live in Calcutta and you don’t know Keyaratola!! It is a famous shamshan, after all.

Me: But I thought Nimtala was the famous shamshan,

C: Keyatola is also a famous shamshan in Calcutta. Nimtala and Keyaratala are two famous shamshans in Calcutta.

2.  Aami kukur ke biskoot, beral ke doodh aar criminal ke gooli khawai. Tai tara aamar payer kaache pore thake.

I feed dogs with biscuit, cats with milk and criminals with “goli”. That’s why they always reside near my feet.

3. Shaaper chobol aar cheetar khabol, jekhanei porbey arai  kg mangsho tuley nebe.

A snake’s sting and a cheetah’s paw, wherever one of these will land, it will carve out 2.5 kg of flesh

4. Abhimanyu Nag. Jal-dhora noi jaat gokhra. Ek chobolei chobi.

Abhimanyu Nag (character name) is not jal-dhora (supposedly trying to signify a harmless snake) but a cobra. With one sting, (listen to this, with one sting) you will become a picture.

Those who do not understand the significance of the word “picture” and its indication can contact me.

5. Nursery theke shuru, half-pant-e guru, full pant-e Mahaguru.

 From nursery school my personality development has started. When I wore a half-pant I was the guru, when I wore a full pant I became Mahaguru.

C’s reaction about this blog post.

” If I knew you will write about these dialogues before, I would have never befriended you in the first place”

Thank you, C. Applause audience.


17 Responses to “The great collection of famous Mithun Chakraborty Dialogues”

  1. Ankur Says:

    Ha ha ha! I have always been Mithun’s ardent “fan”. But, somehow, I never could lay my hands upon his timeless Bengali works. 😀

    Now I’ve seen everything.

    I love C.

  2. Mike Says:

    Ow!!! I hope you were not criticizing or mocking the great man! I happen to be a devotee of Sri Sri Mithunda. Prabhuji is the Greatest and Gunda happens to be his best movie and the greatest movie ever made (IMDB rating of 8.5!!!).

    Praise be to Prabhuji. The greatest ever…

    And I would definitely advise you as well as anyone else who reads this to watch Gunda. I downloaded it and then have bought the DVD!!! Cheers!

  3. Neena Says:

    @ Ankur Yep we all love C!!

    @ Mike This is no criticism! This is just a fun anecdote which we never get tired of listening in harmless conversations between friends. Although, yes I do give credit to the actor to actually make these lines believable and actually convincing to his fans. Any other actor in his place would fail miserably. There is no denying the huge footfall he still commands to the cinema theatres. But you would agree that these lines are incredible!

  4. chandrani Says:

    @neena all i can say is ‘ek chobole chobi’ kore debo toke for making things such public…hhehhee….thanks to my frnd T whose the main originator of these dialouges….bt still mithunda is just toooooo gd..’marbo ekhane lash porbe shoshane’

  5. anki Says:

    i have never even thought of watching a mithun da movie or keep any track of his new hits or superhits.But thanz to my frds T and C they always keep me updated about his new releases.And i feel the dialogues sound better from there mouth than mithunda’s

  6. Neena Says:

    See, all girls these day talk about is Mithunda. His popularity is ever increasing.

  7. Amyth Says:

    Haehaheaeha…. Too good! :mrgreen:

  8. Plumber Says:

    Mithun should be shot dead for spawning an oxygen-wasting, prancing nincompoop like Mimoh.[:P]

  9. kaushik bose Says:

    I am a die heart fan of Mithunda. Some other good dialogues are as follows:
    1) Koma noe dari noe akdom full stop -Tiger
    2) In the bhog of Ma- Barood
    3) Coolie No 440, high voltage jhotka dile potke jabe- Coolie
    4)Toofan bochore ek adhbar ashe jokhon ashe tokhon proloy ghote ar jokhon jae tokhon bhagoban o tar ostitho khuje beray- Tulkalam

  10. Robin Says:

    Can someone tell me which film is this line from?
    Abhimanyu Nag. Jal-dhora noi jaat gokhra. Ek chobolei chobi.
    I am sure I have seen this film. I seem to remember it was called Abhimanyu, but I can’t locate it anywhere. Can anyone help?

  11. Subhrajit Says:

    Abhimanyu Nag. Jal-dhora noi jaat gokhra. Ek chobolei chobi. … ei dialogue tar ekta better anupras version chhilo …. bali bora’o noi … jol dhora’o noi … jaat gokhro… ek chhobolei chhobi … .

  12. Kunal Says:

    You rock! Found my way to your blog through your Orkut profile, and am glad I’m here.

  13. RaWMaN Says:

    Awesome post! 😀 …ROTFL..

  14. Abdul Says:

    The most popular actor in Russia,middle east,Afghanistan,one actor is loved realistically is the only and only one Mithun Chakraborty,God bless him.

  15. now that you will become a picture wala dialogue rocks,, it really rocks!! may be i will use it on some one..

  16. ansar Says:

    Mithunda is one of the finest actor in the world cinema/ i loved all his movie.

    Ansar from UK.

  17. cheese Says:

    No doubt about Mithun Da’s greatness… BUT
    I found Mithun Da’s dialogs very funny and very senseless…
    I think he should work in movies where his dialog writer is good.

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